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Teaching with Technology


Schools with Technology

By the early 2000's most schools had multiple rows of large computers. So most kids knew how to operate computers because they grew up with it. This is one reason people believe older generations have a harder time understanding and being open to technology because they did not grow up with it. People who have been working with technology have an easier time adapting to the new software changes.

Is Technology the New Teacher?

In years past people have only been able to learn from what their teachers have taught them or by going to the library and reading a book. Now if someone has a question they can Google it. There are also many new games that are educational. Often times they get a bad reputation, they there are games where children can learn math, sicence, etc.

Christmas Tech Talk

Many people might remember getting their first piece of technology for Christmas. Jacob Reeve, a University of Nebraska at Omaha student, rembmers Christmas morning when his family got their first computer. "What's a PC?" he asked when he opened up his first video game and it read, "Must be played on PC." His Dad said he better open his gift. The gift his dad opened was a computer and all the kids danced around the living room with joy in their eyes.

Technology Timeline


Technology Timeline

Technology appearances for a millenial looks a lot different than it does for the newer generation. Macintosh computers began to enter some millenials homes around 1995 when their parents would buy them. They were quite expensive at the time. Years later came the Windows PC. This was before Apple became really popular with desktops, phones, ipods, etc. Around 2005 social media became popular like MySpace and Facebook. Social media became even more popular when smart phones came out. Now, social media consumes many people lives, but it can also be very beneficial. Technology has evolved a lot over the years and will continue to do so.

In the Home

People began using technology in their homes and the rest became history. From the first television sets to computers to cell phones the advancements are only growing. People first started using technology only for work. Then children began using them for games. Now we can ask our computers any question and the answer is immediate. Without technology in homes people could not work from home, play games, or be curious without getting an answer from the library. Echo Dot's (Alexa) have become very popular in home over the last couple years. At any given moment you can give it a command like "play music", "add bread to my grocery list", "what is the weather today?", or "tell me a joke." It is an instant response.

Peoples Relationships with Technology

Elin Petersen, a Universtiy of Nebraska at Omaha student, is someone we might all be able to relate to in one way or another. She was a love/hate relationship with technology. One day she says, "technology is incredible" and another day she will say, "technology is ruining humanity." It sure is easy to love when you order your groceries online and are able to pic them up at the store, but hard to love when it suddenly erases a term paper.

Technology Capabilities


Technology Capabilities and Adapting to Change

People use technology 24/7, but a lot of us still do not know all the capabilities our handheld devices have. We use them to communicate and scroll through social media, but there are numerous other features that never get used. Our grandparents can be a great example of this. They have a select few contacts saved in their phone and may know how to call, send a short text, or overuse Siri, but might not be able to figure out how to change anything in the way their phone is set up like changing font size or a picture in the background. Not everybody uses their devices to their full potential, like Jacob Reeve admits. It can always take awhile to learn the new advancements. The more digitally literate you are in todays workforce, the more options you will have in career paths and even a much higher salary because technology will only continue to become more important.

Improvements in Technology Change Parent/Child Relationships

Many inventions have changed the way parents and children communicate and interact together. Children most times keep their parents in the technology loop when begging for gifts for Christmas. People lived many years without cell phones and it seems like now the age children are gettting cell phones is lower and lower. I got my first cell phone in the eiight grade and now my brother who is eight years younger than me got his cellphone two years earlier. Children are keeping up with the latest technology and are eager to learn more. Video games have become a huge part of a lot of young people's lives and it has made there be a decrease in physical activity.

Technology as a Necessity

Most of us start and end our day with technology, and use it frequently throughout the day. People now set their alarms on their cell phones and it is the first interactions they have for the day when they get on social media. They do the same when they go to bed. Nicole Malcolm, a Universtiy of Nebraska at Omaha student, is unlike the average college student because she uses technology only for practical purposes. She has not let technology worm its way into her life in a way that she feels a need to have social media accounts lighting up her phone all day. She says, "I am the basic user (of technology) in every sense of the word." She uses technology to understand people and the world better, but she encourages people to look up from their phones and enjoy the real world around them instead of making technology a necessity.